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Salutations to one and all from the Lebanon Towne Militia

On behalf of the whole company, I am pleased to welcome you to our Companyís website.

Our Militia Company was formed in the 18th century to defend the towne of Lebanon, Connecticut, against its enemies. A typical Sunday started with church services, after which we would train as a militia, honing our skills to serve our community in times of danger.

In 1775, the Lebanon Towne Militia answered the call and saw service at Breedís Hill and the Battle of Boston, at the beginning of the American Revolution. The Lebanon Towne Militia was disbanded in 1776, with some members becoming part of the 6th Company of the Continental Line, and others supporting the war from their farms.

Today, our Militia Company numbers approximately 70 members. It is a diverse organization of men, women, and children who share a love of the birth of our country. Our members come from all walks of life, and from various parts of the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

We embrace 18th century military camp life, crafts and occupations of the time, and recreate the life of the colonial militiaman and his family. Come with us and experience the past. We simulate historical battles, present drilling/artillery demonstrations, educate the public about life in the 18th century, march in parades celebrating our countryís history, present school programs, and have a great time year round.

The best way to learn about history is to live it. And you can do it, too, with a fine group of re-enactors.

From the past we live the future.

Captain Kenneth Giella

Commanding Officer

Lebanon Towne Militia